Why I love basketball and how it became my passion?

Basketball, a game that definitely is a good way to exercise while having fun. I used to think what good can a game bring in our lives? Well, it did take time, but I learned, from responsibility to punctuality, it is not just a game but a game full of positiveness.

The basketball, it is an entertainment sport, where every player is welcome. I have seen many peoples taking it ahead as a passion. However, for me, it is one way to burn calories while having some fun with my friends. It is far better than the indoor games, where we sit around the couch, playing video games, or simply watching the television the whole day.

Meeting many people, not having to play alone, play for hours, and still not having a sense of boredom from the game, I mean what more reasons can I give to not love basketball, which is a game full of people and a way to improve ones socially interacting power.

Basketball for me is my life, and the passion of it gets stronger every day, and every time I stand there on the court, playing. It gives confidence that I can be best at one thing without having anyone to judge me, and this mentality changed a lot and brought in acceptance.

I wanted to know which style I excel at. Is it the passed, defensive, highflyer, shooter, playmaker, or a dunker? But at times, it doesn’t matter, and I stop trying to put around a boundary in front of me, getting fenced within the four walls of my mind, making choices. I allowed it to be one free thing I can do, with all my heart and mind. I simply love how this game challenges me and prepares me mentally for all the hardships that exist or are about to come. The game is the one place where I stop thinking anything, apart from making a basket. Even the memory of playing it helps me gain happiness, which makes me move forward.

Well, it isn’t that I was good at basketball since the start. I broke my finger, injured my knee. I even had some unpleasant comments, but the best was I didn’t stop. The way I move ahead, I knew I was about to make this one love, my passion for getting away from all the pressure of life. But who could have thought, this love to passion and passion to, oh wait, I did become the basketball captain, leading a team, playing for so many, and moving ahead like I never expected of. This game encouraged me, it put me out, it brought me ahead, and it definitely helped me to get out of my thoughts and feelings of loneliness.

What takes love to the journey of passion, is the commitment, the desire to move ahead and to ensure to never give up. I never knew what a passion could be unless I was here as a part of the basketball team. I have not just helped myself, but took the responsibility as a team member to guide along many and to help them find their passion, their commitment, and their love and at that moment, helping them, I realized, what important place I hold within their lives, what responsibility I have towards the unknowingly known. This being the part of the team is what taught me, people matter, every single one of them. I also took on some responsibilities and successfully organized many games and tournaments. All I know is, I tried to be that integrity-filled leader who can be a role model and set examples, and that’s what I did to fill people with joy and to make them fall in love with basketball.

Isn’t it amazing when someone comes up with a smile and says they look up to you? I felt like my responsibilities increased, that I am an example-setter, and that makes me happy. It’s like being cheered indirectly, like that every shot will get me closer to being more, myself.

Even when this game is so much famous in the United States, it is one of the most neglected ones. Even from the background where I come from, it was hard to bring forward a team, which can be supported just like footballers, wrestlers, and alike.

It was my experience over this game and the feeling of getting it a recognition that made me do all that I can. This game is my favorite, my passion and my one love, which makes me feel nothing apart from being me on that basketball court when I am there, and if we can’t call it love, what could this feeling be?

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